Re: walmarts and bill shockleys lab

Spike Jones (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 22:53:30 -0800

> Michael Lorrey wrote: ...However, I doubt
> very much that many silicon valley buildings are going to be considered
> architectural treasures over time, even if any of them are still standing.

ya, they seldom leave em standing if they are more than about 30 yrs. i do get a laugh out of the things the historical societies consider worth preservation: tacky tract shacks and so on. there was this little hot dog stand in san jose that is shaped like an orange. the building is shaped like an orange i mean. historic. been there since 1938. oh yes, the diving lady. there was a little motel in santa clara with a neon sign shaped like a diving lady (to advertise they had a pool). this was a marilyn monroe shaped woman in a weird looking one piece bathing suit complete with rubber cap: the exteme in urban tackiness. save it, been there since 1951. {8-[ but the garage where steve jobs and steve wozniak started a revolution? throw it out, post 1960. {8-[ sigh. spike