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> >I'm arguing for a free market economy with regulations whose sole
> >purposes are to protect civil rights of employees and clients from
> >executive bigotry, the planet from fiscally tempting but
> >environmentally irresponsible pollution, and consumers from
> >monopoly-facilitated price-gouging
> You're arguing that it would be terrific to have regulators so incredibly
> intelligent that they always knew what the correct thing to do is, and even more
> incredibly always had the integrity and moral courage to actually do it.
> Well yes it would be terrific, so would a perpetual motion machine.

Well, writing the regulations properly (with knowledgeable input, say, from raw materials providers, product processors, waste disposal experts, environmentalists and independent scientists for ecoregs, from human resource managers and civil rights theorists for civrightsregs, and from ceo's, labor and economists for antitrustregs) and having oversight for the regulators as well as the regulated would be good places to start. It would also be useful to have a period where all proposed regs are posted on the internet and all cybercitizens are mailed abstracts and the URL of the full text and given a reply addy so that they may be publicly honed, tweaked and critiqued before enaction, or rejection whole cloth, by popular

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