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Wed, 16 Dec 1998 19:07:31 -0600

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> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > Now, I do fault Nestle for not doing something about those problems if it
> > could have. I don't blame them for donating baby formula. The reason
> > liberals rail against Nestle for this incident is that they are trying to
> > scare private companies from doing as much charitable work as they do, so
> > that more responsibility will land on government organizations.
> And Joe had apoplexy:
> >What neanderthalistic hyper-rationalizational demonizing bullshit!
> >How the hell could you claim to "know" such a thing? Reread what
> >you wrote, and see that your hostile belligerently ignorant asshole
> >factor has gone off the Richter scale!
> Yeah, for goodness' sake, it sounds just like the constant demonizing of
> business, the market, and freedom advocates by the apologists for rampant
> statism. But it's all right when _they_ do it, because it's "politically
> correct"...
> Dick
Pointing towards what you consider other assholery does not perfume the stench of your own shit! Joe