Re: boycotting of corporations
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:06:38 -0700

Mike Lorrey wrote:
> Now, I do fault Nestle for not doing something about those problems if it
> could have. I don't blame them for donating baby formula. The reason
> liberals rail against Nestle for this incident is that they are trying to
> scare private companies from doing as much charitable work as they do, so
> that more responsibility will land on government organizations.

And Joe had apoplexy:
>What neanderthalistic hyper-rationalizational demonizing bullshit!
>How the hell could you claim to "know" such a thing? Reread what
>you wrote, and see that your hostile belligerently ignorant asshole
>factor has gone off the Richter scale!

Yeah, for goodness' sake, it sounds just like the constant demonizing of business, the market, and freedom advocates by the apologists for rampant statism. But it's all right when _they_ do it, because it's "politically correct"...