Re: Rows of Trees (Was: The Education Function)

Joe E. Dees (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 01:51:14 -0600

> I'll not bother to refute your allegations since (a) they are
ridiculous and
> (b) in the last several posts you've proven incredibly resistant to

In other words, I don't agree with you (logic was one of my strong suits, both in my GRE exam (cumulative score 2190) and my Philosophy program (cum laude). Ad hominum attacks were irrevocably proven fallacious by the Greeks over 2500 years ago. Do you ever leave that asphalt tape on which you roll out your subsistence and actually walk in, or camp in, real woods? I have - on many different occasions, in many different places across this land, for many years (it's my idea of vacationing and recharging my batteries to return renewed to the relative savageries of so-called "civilization") and I know what I have seen. Experiential knowledge is known in logic as apodictic (this means self-evident to you lay people), and is irrefutable by abstract reasoning, since it is the ground or foundation from which the premises to be logically processed (induction or deduction, Aristotelian or symbolic) into conclusions by such reasoning must primordially be drawn. Joe

> Lets just say that I travel in excess of one hundred thousand miles
> year..(land miles...not air) .and have been in several countries on
> continents. What you allude to is neither evident. nor obvious.
The term
> "pave the planet" is ludicrious when traveling across many of the
> states or provinces on a "skinny road" , frequently stopping to
allow deer,
> elk and cattle the right of way...and the last auto encountered was
> ago.
> EvMick