Re: Rows of Trees (Was: The Education Function)
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 00:35:34 EST

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> One world, one corporation, one slab of asphalt! Pave the planet!
> Pull your head out of your CRT screen long enough to realize that if
> we undermine our own environmental foundations, we shall also
> eventually die. We are in a race to get off this mudball and get our
> genetic eggs out of one basket, or die here, wallowing in our own
> toxic detritus, with all comrade species extinguished. Conservation
> is the other side of the extropian coin, allowing us a little more time
> in which we may be able to win that race.
> Joe

So speaks a young boy with very limited experience and no common sense. Perhaps when you get a little older you'll be embarassed by all that. Then again...perhaps you'll just run for office..

I'll not bother to refute your allegations since (a) they are ridiculous and (b) in the last several posts you've proven incredibly resistant to logic. Lets just say that I travel in excess of one hundred thousand miles per year..(land miles...not air) .and have been in several countries on several continents. What you allude to is neither evident. nor obvious. The term "pave the planet" is ludicrious when traveling across many of the western states or provinces on a "skinny road" , frequently stopping to allow deer, elk and cattle the right of way...and the last auto encountered was hours ago.