Re: The Education Function

Zenarchy (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:16:11 -0800

>>Right on, Mark.
>>People move to the Bahamas because they already have an education.
>You're going to have to explain that one to me... I'm clearly not educated
>enough to understand it.
> Mark

Okay, substitute "Beverly Hills" or "Martha's Vineyard" for "the Bahamas". Does that help?

No? All right... if someone has what it takes to move to one of the places named, then they already have a robust knowledge base. People who don't know any better (lack education), will not think about leaving Somalia, Ethiopia, or their third world desert in favor of paradisiacal digs.

People don't move to the Bahamas to get an education. They go there to enjoy the lifestyle of rich and famous residents. To a perhaps lesser extent, people move to the US to enjoy the freedom and prosperity, not to live as starving students.

Then again, maybe, your words, "I'm clearly not educated enough to understand it" apply more accurately to me than to you. I don't live in any of those swanky places. :-(