Re: The Education Function

Zenarchy (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:35:39 -0800

>>Government worsens the problem of people too poor to get onto the circuit
>>the first place by encouraging them to reproduce at taxpayer expense.
>The government's doing that?????? Really?????

It gets worse: In several States (US) welfare agencies have given fertility drugs to women on assistance.
That practice has stopped, but agencies continue to subsidize homeless females who manage to get pregnant. -zen

>> People
>>too poor to get onto the circuit in the first place have too much time on
>>their hands, and consequently have too many kids, which amplifies the
>>problem in the last place.
>So educate them. Get them onto the circuit and then let them get on with

They don't want education. They want guns, drugs, sex, and your head on a stick.

>> The free market provides a better solution by discouraging the very
>poorest from having children.
>Or at least making sure that those children never get an education, leaving
>a convenient underclass to do all the dirty work.

The free market does that? Really?
I don't think so.

>>If the free market did *not* always provide better solutions, it would not
>>be necessary for governments to maintain military forces to threaten
>>violence against any who disagree with government's "solutions" (which
>>haven't solved anything in the whole sad history of the race, but which
>>produced monumental problems such as weapons of mass destruction).
>Gosh, now there's a slightly one-sided view of things. The free market
>generally provides the best solution, but government is dead handy for
>ing things like monopolies, unfair trade, police, armies, contract laws,
>basic research (although, thankfully the free makret is moving into this
>area), welfare and (in my case) socialised medicine (which means that if I
>break a leg I'm not penalised for doing it while broke).

You mean *other* monopolies besides government. (Who has a monopoly on printing money?)
Government "avoiding police"? "armies"? Now that qualifies as a twisted fancy.

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