RE: My most wanted piece of tech

Billy Brown (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 08:50:08 -0600

On Friday, December 04, 1998 2:25 AM, Max M wrote:

> 1) Total recall. I hate forgetting and would love a device that could
> my senses perfectly so that I could reload and relive my experiences.
> be pretty easy with nanotech. Then I only have to remember what it is that
> don't want to forget :-)

Oddly enough, I think you've hit on one of the few abilities that even mature nanotechnology can not provide. Oh, sure, you could keep a complete sensory record of a normal human's life, but who here plans on remaining a normal human? The more you upgrade yourself, the more storage space this memory record requires, because your upgraded senses are recording more data. No matter how advanced your technology becomes, you will always be able to build sensors that produce more data than you can record. Perhaps a full-fledged Power could find a way around this limitation, but I don't think any lesser mind has much chance of it.

Billy Brown