Re: Transhumanist Kids [was: Re: FW: Immortality ...]

christophe delriviere (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 22:02:02 +0100

Erin Jones wrote:

> Well, I barely discuss it with my friends. Actually during one break
> period I showed one of my friends the Extropian Homepage, heh, she
> really wasn't very interested. I don't think they really understand it
> and it doesn't really appeal to them. Then again I'm not quite sure if
> anything appeals to them. Heh. I'm not even sure if they have ever
> heard
> the word transhumanistic. The people I hang out with aren't really
> like
> me. They listen to the same music as me, you know like Nirvana, Nine
> Inch Nails... But I've never really met anyone that is interested in
> the
> same ideas and thoughts as me. That's kind of why I joined the mailing
> list, so I can read what others think about things that I don't
> normally
> discuss with my friends, or family.
> -Erin
> :)

Ah... don't worry, I'm 23 and I've the same problem ;)....