Re: Transhumanist Kids [was: Re: FW: Immortality ...]

Erin Jones (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 00:13:26 -0800

Well, I barely discuss it with my friends. Actually during one break period I showed one of my friends the Extropian Homepage, heh, she really wasn't very interested. I don't think they really understand it and it doesn't really appeal to them. Then again I'm not quite sure if anything appeals to them. Heh. I'm not even sure if they have ever heard the word transhumanistic. The people I hang out with aren't really like me. They listen to the same music as me, you know like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails... But I've never really met anyone that is interested in the same ideas and thoughts as me. That's kind of why I joined the mailing list, so I can read what others think about things that I don't normally discuss with my friends, or family.
Scott Badger wrote:
> Erin, what can you tell us about your friend's opinions
> on transhumanistic memes?
> Scott