Famous people and their brain

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Sometimes for various reasons the weight of the brain of famous people was measured immediately after their death and recorded. The brain of the average adult male weighs 3 LB 2.2 oz. Einstein's brain was about average size, the same was true of Gauss, one of the two or three greatest mathematicians who ever lived. Ironically the brain of Franz Gall (1828) the founder of phrenology which maintained that you could tell everything about a person by the size and shape of their head turned out to have a small brain, only 2 LB 10.3 oz. The smallest brain of any non retarded person was 2 LB 3.8 oz and belonged to Anatole France (1924), a well regarded writer of philosophical novels who is still read today. At the other end of the scale is another novelist, the great Russian writer Sergeyvich Turgenev (1883), he had a huge brain, 4 LB 6.9 oz. In fact for almost a century Turgenev had the largest brain known of any human being famous or not. Turgenev only lost his title in 1975 when an autopsy was performed on a man of no known unusual intellectual ability, he did however own a 4 LB 8.29 oz brain.

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