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It is very easy to just ignore it when someone breaks into your house and steals your property. After all, it is a hassle dealing with the police and insurance and all. And if someone picks your wallet, it is a lot of trouble to report it as well.

And if you see someone else being ripped off, it is easy to just keep walking and pretend you don't see it happening. OR you can stand up, speak up, and DO something to let these crooks know that it is NOT OK, and you are NOT going to simply ignore their unacceptable behavior. Every time you hit "delete" that is one more spammer you could have possibly stopped from that site. And every time you make them go to another ISP, pay the setup etc. again and again, you make spam less profitable. And when spam is no longer profitable it will reduce to a trickle. Remember the net before spam? It can, for the most part, be returned. Not in its entirety, but it does NOT have to stay the way it is now. Unless nobody does anything and everyone "just presses DEL."

Personally when someone steals from me I get mad, and then I DO something about it. If you don't mind being ripped off that is up to you. But also remember that these spammers is costing the Internet millions of dollars. Just ask, where they spent $500,000.00 because spammers were crippling their Spark Ultras (they've got a nice farm of 93 of the puppies.)

The current estimate is that $2 - $3 per month of every user's ISP bill is spent to deal with these scumbag thieves. That is YOUR and MY money they are stealing. Why should they be allowed to continue ripping us off?

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." -Blake

"If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem." - -Anon

It continually amazes me how hard people will fight spam. Hours spent tweaking software and filters, complaining to postmasters and ISP's, etc.

Is it really that hard to hit the delete key/button a couple times a day?


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