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Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:11:49 -0500

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The backlash has begun. President Clinton is all hot and bothered over the new stem cell that was a cow human hybrid, so yesterday he wrote a letter to a panel composed of the lowest form of human scum, medical ethicists. He wants these creatures to tell him what to do. The technique harms not one person and when developed could save the lives of millions, and that is all the evidence medical ethicists need to declare it grossly immoral.

You've probably heard the clich‚ that this sort of thing has proven modern Science has become arrogant. Well it's true, but I've always thought humility was an overrated virtue. Over two thousand years ago Cicero wrote:

"Humility is very rare, even philosophers who write books extolling its virtue take care to write their name on the title page."

John K Clark

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