Re: Alcor member on Houston TV this Tuesday?

Randy (
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 15:44:48 GMT

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998 02:53:41 EST, you wrote:

>In a message dated 98-11-08 18:10:25 EST, (Randy) wrote:
>> I just saw a promo on for an CH 13 news in Houston for an upcoming
>> interview with an Alcor member who lives here in Houston.
>> Anyone know who it is?
>Me, probably. I think I remember that the reporter mentioned that she had
>done another member interview, but I can't recall whether she said that one
>was in Houston.

Do you have a goatee and dark hair?

>It's always hard to tell how a finally edited television
>piece will turn out from the interview (I've had hatchet jobs done on the
>cutting room floor), but the reporter, Theresa Rodriguez, seemed genuinely
>interested and to not have a negative slant on the subject.

The promo mentioned "cheating death," so.....

>She was headed to
>Phoenix after our interview, so there will likely be some shots of the Alcor
>facility and some talking heads (ugh) from there, as well.

>I'm overseas this week, but my wife intends to tape the piece when it airs.
>In true transhuman fashion, in case of technical snafus, I'd appreciate a
>back-up from any local Textropians.

Will do.

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