Re: Alcor member on Houston TV this Tuesday?
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 02:53:41 EST

In a message dated 98-11-08 18:10:25 EST, (Randy) wrote:

> I just saw a promo on for an  CH 13 news in Houston for an upcoming

> interview with an Alcor member who lives here in Houston.
> Anyone know who it is?

Me, probably. I think I remember that the reporter mentioned that she had done another member interview, but I can't recall whether she said that one was in Houston. It's always hard to tell how a finally edited television piece will turn out from the interview (I've had hatchet jobs done on the cutting room floor), but the reporter, Theresa Rodriguez, seemed genuinely interested and to not have a negative slant on the subject. She was headed to Phoenix after our interview, so there will likely be some shots of the Alcor facility and some talking heads (ugh) from there, as well.

I'm overseas this week, but my wife intends to tape the piece when it airs. In true transhuman fashion, in case of technical snafus, I'd appreciate a back-up from any local Textropians.

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