Re: Calorie Restriction (Thank you CR Society)
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 12:44:40 EST

In a message dated 98-11-06 05:13:14 EST, (Max M) writes:

>I just wondere where exercise fits into this? If for example I do weight

> pushing and something like running. Then my rest pulse will be lower too
> right? Doesn't that too lower the overall metabolism?

No, exercise actually raises basal metabolism.

> As some of the posting Doug Screcky has made her about the Fat vs. Fittnes
> seem to imply that overall death rate seem much more dependant of fittnes
> than of weight. (I do understan that CR is not about weight but about
> changing the metabolism)

Unclear. Metabolic rates seem to recover with extended calorie restriction in rodents; the animals just weigh less. The extreme life extension in C. elegans
from nutritional restriction and now some genetic manipulation does seem to involve metabolic changes.

> Is there any research about this?

Yes. Exercised rodents have roughly the same life expectancy regardless of calorie intake. They have a slight benefit from CR, but only about 10% life extension from 50% restriction. Non-exercised rodents get tremendous benefits from CR. The most severely restricted rodents outlive any exercised rodents by a substantial margin - 10 to 20%. Moderately restricted rodents - 30% CR - live about as long as the "exercised norm".

Realistically, then, I don't think you should consider exercise as providing the benefits of CR. The "exercised norm" is probably a normal healthy life. The point of CR is to do better than that.

Nothing in the monkeys, as yet.