Re: Calorie Restriction (Thank you CR Society)

Max M (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 11:12:48 +0100

From: Brian Manning Delaney <>

>Right on! CR definitely makes me feel great too. The scrawniness
>is a bummer, though. Much harder than the hunger, after an
>adjustment period. You feel so much better than you look (if you
>start out non-obese).

I just wondere where exercise fits into this? If for example I do weight pushing and something like running. Then my rest pulse will be lower too right? Doesn't that too lower the overall metabolism?

Then it might be possible to do calorie restriction by eating just the calories you would need without exercising. And then Exercise the Calories away.

As some of the posting Doug Screcky has made her about the Fat vs. Fittnes seem to imply that overall death rate seem much more dependant of fittnes than of weight. (I do understan that CR is not about weight but about changing the metabolism)

Is there any research about this?


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