Re: Technology evolves, ergo automation evolves, until...

my inner geek (
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 15:24:42 +0800

Joe Jenkins <>:

> and general overhead. Even if the energy was free, my bill would
> still be around $360 and that's not exactly a major increase in
> quality of living. A real benefit would be an energy box in everyones
> home that requires occasional refills of cheap chemicals. Now that
> would make a difference.

How many kilojoules of EMF can be transmitted from antenna arrays to one of those trinity flywheels (see

I mean, keep the suckers spinning nice and fast, in your back yard. Power it with radio waves (rather high amplitude, at that).

As long as it computers doing the wireless power transmission don't have bugs (see you should be able to avoid getting accidentally vaporized (or is it liquified).

I'm all for Open Source directed energy weapons, particularly for the crack dealers in WATTS. That'll help them keep competition to a minimum.