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Joe Jenkins (
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 11:45:03 -0800 (PST)

---Max M <> wrote:
> From: Jeff Davis <>
> >>Theres also an article in an issue of Discovery which talks about
> >>replicating robots in the Sahara desert, which create an endless
amount > >>of
> >>solar panels out of the elements in the sand, including chips, metal
> >>railings,
> >>factories, furnaces etc
> I do believe though that it will be a fundamental flaw to keep energy
> production centralised like that. But that is not a fundamental flaw
of > > the
> selfreplicating idea. Maybe we should just view it as an ecosystem
with > > an
> excess production that we can harvest and move to other parts of the
> > world.

Although I share much enthusiasm for self replicating machines, I am also skeptical of the benefits of cheap centralized energy. I am currently paying about $400 a month for power to my home. I don't remember the source or exact numbers, but only a small percent (around 10%) of that is being used for paying the cost of energy. The majority is for distribution, maintenance of power lines, meter man, and general overhead. Even if the energy was free, my bill would still be around $360 and that's not exactly a major increase in quality of living. A real benefit would be an energy box in everyones home that requires occasional refills of cheap chemicals. Now that would make a difference.

Joe Jenkins

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