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---Max M <> wrote:
>Although I share much enthusiasm for self replicating machines, I am
>also skeptical of the benefits of cheap centralized energy. I am
>currently paying about $400 a month for power to my home. I don't
>remember the source or exact numbers, but only a small percent (around
>10%) of that is being used for paying the cost of energy. The
> majority is for distribution, maintenance of power lines, meter man,
>and general overhead. Even if the energy was free, my bill would
>still be around $360 and that's not exactly a major increase in
>quality of living. A real benefit would be an energy box
in everyones
>home that requires occasional refills of cheap chemicals. Now that
>would make a difference.

Joe Jenkins

What you are forgetting Joe is that everyone that you are listing there is also charging you for their expenses... such as electric.

O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman

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