Re: extropians-digest V3 #133

Cynthia Allingham (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 08:51:36 -0800

> > BTW, watched a Deep Space Nine episode tonight
> > about a group of genetically enhanced mutants.
> > Basically they've been ostracized and institutionalized
> > despite their intellectual superiority. Thing is . . . they're
> > a bit eccentric. Except for Dr. Bashir (sp?), the one that
> > was able to fit in, hiding and protecting his transhumanistic
> > identity. I've also noticed that the new version of "The
> > Outer Limits" frequently has episodes with transhumistic
> > themes.
> The writers of Deep Space Nine are not real mutants and know nothing
> whatsoever about the cognitive science involved. Furthermore, their mutants'
> goals and personalities are based on normally-intelligent writers' fantasies
> of being a superior mutant, and bear no relation to an actual personality
> shaped by specialized genius.

To bad, I like the tall sexy female mutant. I think she was able to use her intelligence to amuse herself. She shaped her own personality, and played with it like a toy.

> >>Consider someone considering setting up a colony on the moon, where a legless
> >>colonist could barely afford passage back to Earth, or around Jupiter, where
> >>transportation is just too expensive for a legless colonist to afford passage
> >>back to Earth. Max's moral calculus would encourage them to set up the
> >colony at Jupiter rather than the Moon, all else equal.

We wouldn't make this moral calculation. But the governments of China and India would.