phasors on stun

Spike Jones (
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 22:12:45 -0700

please allow me to share a funny story, without restarting the extropians/guns thread. please! {8^D

my coworker asked his son what he had in mind for his sixth birthday:

boy: ummm, how abouuuut... a machine gun! ratatatatat kapow! kapow!

dad: no guns.

boy: i mean a tooooy gun, dad.

dad: war isnt a game, son. death is forever. no guns.

boy: well, then, how abouuuut... a star trek phasor? phasors on stun. bzzzzzzzt! beam me up scotty!

dad: star trek phasor? set it on stun and break the knob off? science fiction? weeeeellll ok.

so he gives the boy a phasor, set to stun. five minutes later he hears junior outside running around with his phasor, shooting the neighbor kids: kapow! ratatatatat pow! pow! i got you fiiirst! youre deeeead!

{8^D no political message intended, extropians, just a funny story. spike