Any Extropian simulator/authors?
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:26:54 EDT

A posting on sci.materials

From: Lance Chambers <>

My name is Lance Chambers and I am the editor of a number of books (3) in the area of Genetic Algorithms for CRC Press (a well respected academic publisher - check your university library and you will find lots of books by CRC Press).

The task I am interested in undertaking now is the development of a book on 'Simulation in Social Systems'. I have approached a wide number of newsgroups to ensure that the authorship covers wide areas of expertise.

If you are interested in developing a contribution, or have something ready that you feel may be right for a work of this nature then please drop me a line. The book is aimed at the university market, chapters should be aimed at well educated persons who have an interest in using various techniques and approaches to simulation of social systems (not just human systems but biological, marine, insect, financial, economic, memes, environmental, viral, biological, the law, transport, trade, etc.) and your contributions should address these interests.

Regards, Lance Chambers.