Re: if one book, which and why?

Hara Ra (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 23:46:00 -0700

>recently i wondered about setting up a website where people could
>post an answer to the question: "if one book, which, and why?"
>extropians, if one book, which, and why? spike

Well for me it is tie between:

LSD Psychotherapy - Stanislav Grof

  1. Models for the states found in alternate states of consciousness
  2. Practical directions for psychonauts and those interested in personal growth, or automorphing

For Your Own Good - Alice Miller

	Shows clearly how subtle, pervasive and distorting the influence
	of bad child rearing practices, relation to violence and suppression
	of self, only explanation of Holocaust that I have found that makes
	any kind of sense.

Why psych books? Cuz personal growth is the key to finding values which work, and those we need very badly now...

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