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Wed, 30 Sep 1998 11:18:21 -0600

Spike Jones wrote:
> Dennis Roberts wrote:
> > > dennis, is it possible to add this as an experiment to your website? spike
> >
> > Thought you'd never ask! Why yes Spike, the idea of an ongoing medical survey
> > is one I had considered myself and I have already begun some preliminary
> > work....
> cool! great, thanks. now we are making real progress! i didnt know you were
> a doctor. {8^D
> > By the way far more men develop breast cancer than you might imagine...
> wow, i never knew that could happen. at least men dont need to worry
> about ovarian cancer... {8-| i truely hope we are near to conquering this
> killer.
> > Also many other beverages besides coffee
> > are implicated in renal stones--soft drinks and tea to name two...
> what about that compensating factor of coffee stimulating thirst? my
> doctor said she thinks a couple cups a day might be at least
> neutral if not beneficial.
> > >
> >

Refering to skecky's item on depenyl for longevity and web-based health studies

Use of an HMO database to be the benchmark from which to create the blinded cohorts is something I sugested to Dr. Morton Schulman's asst. for thought when they do a study on deprenyl.

This could convert a double blind study into a single blind study. Creating a patient profile for the control subjects and then selecting the comparables from the entire health sevices receiving population would be much more ethical since no patients who were known to be potential candidates would be denied access to treatment with potential efficacy.

We here in Saskatchewan Canada have only one HMO the government run Medicare system and are implementing a health information network which would cover all the medical records of the entire population.

This would be an ideal data management system to use as a platform from which to originate "Web based health studies" .

I'm quite strapped for time to give a proper dissertation but felt I had to contribute at least this bit.

We are planning to incorporate a company to produce several nutraceuticals. I want to use the name EXTROPIAN AGRI-VENTURES .... Any complaints??


I wonder if there is an economic benefit to replacing double blind studies with larger database benchmarked comparative efficacy studies?