RE: Who Owns The Singularity? (was: how shall the singularity takeoff?) -- law

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 18:25:23 MST

> You forget: they think they own the law. The only defense they believe
> they need is the legal system itself, and they believe they are
> sufficiently defended by it against all comers, now and forever. (No
> matter how good a lawyer is, when the law is clear and explicit on a
> certain matter and the facts are known well enough, the outcome tends to
> be predetermined. Which is kind of the point of laws.)

Although it is worth noting that law has become so complex that it really is
no better than a coin toss or how good your lawyers are, or what the judge
thinks, and indirectly how much money and influence you have that matters
far more than the written law. We're really paying through the nose for a
system that's no better than improvised tribal justice prior to formalized

Laws, as they stand right now, don't work as they are intended to.


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