Re: META: move from mailing lists to slashcode-based site?

From: Dossy (
Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 14:13:00 MST

On 2001.12.29, Reason <> wrote:
> I agree that slashcode sites are a good way to bring in new people, so it
> would get my vote. You'd have to be posting a lot of stuff, though -- at
> least a couple new things a day to keep volume up. I don't think that's a
> problem if you take the inclusive route.

Me neither. In fact, I think we would do just fine by posting the
headliners off the mailing list and other slashsites to start, until
people started contributing new content directly to the slashsite.

If someone could point me at transdot and nanodot, I'd appreciate

Thanks for the feedback,

-- Dossy

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