Re: META: move from mailing lists to slashcode-based site?

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 11:38:31 MST

Cryofan wrote:

> From a technical standpoint, of course the extropian list should be
>converted to slashcode--it is a far superior format. will
>not be converted. Has everyone forgotten that this list is moderated
>in a fashion? I refer to the fact that all new subscribers must have a
>mailing address and an email addy that is paid for (i.e., no free web
>mail accounts are allowed).

That is not the case at all. We have a large number of subscribers who are
subscribed to or etc. addresses. A couple minutes of
spot-checking would have shown you this.

>This practice is meant to, I assume, prevent hit and run trolls that
>would demolish the list with a torrent of personal attacks, etc.

You are partially correct, in that it is to dissuade hit and run trolls,
but such attacks would not demolish the list, as you say.

As for my thoughts on Slashsites, I do quite like the format, although I
don't think that an organization needs to have a Slashsite exclusively or a
list exclusively. ExI has had a Slashsite before in ExtroDot, and it may
be resurrected again in the future. TransDot, a transhumanist Slashsite is
still alive and kicking, thanks only to Ziana.

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