Re: A question of Web entropy

From: scerir (
Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 01:25:22 MST

> Eric
> From useless and discarded pages to spam,
> the Web is showing clear signs of decay,
> says John Dvorak. But is there anything
> we can do about it?

Develop and insert (in the Net) _moving_ agents
which are able to eat spam, viruses, discarded
pages, etc. Like those white blood cells.



Complex networks, such as Internet, often show
a high degree of redundancy, and heterogeneity,
and malfunctions, in their connectivity properties.

This peculiar connectivity also provides an ideal
environment for the spreading of digital, infective
or disturbing agents.

The random, uniform, immunisation of _individuals_
does not lead to the eradication of infections,
in all complex networks.

Networks with _scale-free_ properties do not acquire
global immunity from major epidemic, and perhaps also
endemic, outbreaks, even in the presence of high
densities of randomly immunised individuals. That is
due to the unbounded connectivity fluctuations
of 'scale-free' networks.

Programmes, based on the nodes' connectivity
_hierarchy_ , sharply lower the network's
vulnerability and disordering.

(freely taken from a paper by Alessandro Vespignani)

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