Re: Aid for Afghanistan

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 22:12:45 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> It's coming up time to talk about aid for Afghanistan.
> What the U.S. should NOT do:
> 1) Give the Afghanistan government a bunch of money and let them
> figure it out.

Actually, we and the other countries should first and foremost
insure that a bunch of actual goods - food, clothing, shelter -
are delivered pronto before it is too late for large numbers of
the Afghani people.

> 2) Give the U.N. a bunch of money and let them figure it out.

That is a better solution that having us in charge of it imho.
> What the U.S. should do:
> Work with the government of Afghanistan to determine their needs,
> a power station here, a telecom central office there, a sewage
> treatment plant over there. Then pay U.S. contractors to go over
> and build these things at U.S. expense.

This is after the current state of emergency need is in hand,
yes? Why only US contractors? We are not the only kids on the
block. And I do not believe that it should be us that runs this
program. It must come more from a broader base and largely
depend on the Afghani government in its details or that
government is a sham and will be seen as such.
> Food aid will be required till at least next fall, so a primary
> concern of the new government should be the spring planting. There
> has been a drought recently, but I see plenty of rivers flowing, so
> perhaps the first aid should include irrigation
> equipment/technology.

The first aid is enough food to get the country through until
any such crops can be harvested.

- samantha

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