Twisted Reality [was: Spike's mhyrraculous holiday humor]

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 17:32:33 MST

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, scerir wrote:

> This is to inform you that relics of
> the myrrhaculous Myrrh-Streaming Icon
> of St. Nicholas of Myrrha, in Lycia,
> repose in Bari, Italy.

One must then wonder if St. Nicholas is yet another
incarnation of Gandalf the Grey who as we know met
his fate facing the Balrog on the bridge in Myrria.
Thus Santa Claus would be an instantiation of the
reborn Gandalf the White.

Should we blend the reality of this simulation with the fantasy?

If we all went on strike, would the simulation end?

Is there any merit to lobbying for a more romantic reality?

(Who is wondering about the degree to which we can choose
the malleability of our reality...)

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