RE: Aid for Afghanistan

From: Smigrodzki, Rafal (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 15:58:32 MST

From: Brian D Williams []

As a U.S. taxpayer I would object to my funds being given to a
foreign company for this purpose, local workers exempted. If
companies in other countries want the business/charity work, let
them convince their governments to shell out the Bucks/Marks.
Peso's whatever.

### If you already decided to give the money to benefit others, why insist
on a less efficient way of spending it? But I do not force my point of view
here. The payer should decide what to do with his money.


Part of the U.S.'s problem in the world is simple PR. During the
holidays I was watching TV as a man in Afghanistan was criticizing
the U.S. with a bag of wheat clearly labeled "USA" slung over his
shoulder. Had I been standing there I would have "pulled a
Giuliani", dragged it away from him with an explanation as to why,
and told him to try eating dirt.

In marketspeak the U.S needs to push it's brand, and quit catering
to the prejudices of the rest of the world.

### Yes, I agree.


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