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>> myrrh myrrh myrrh MYRRH myrrh myrrh myrrh myrrh myrrh myrrh MYRRH myrrh

   "Coming, coming; I'm just slipping off my shoes.
   Dear boy, will you vote for peace?"

from: Lysistrata by Aristophanes (c. 448-380 BC)
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Characters in the Play:

Myrrhine <------------------------------------
Child of Cinesias
Herald of the Lacedæmonians
Envoys of the Lacedæmonians
An Athenian Citizen
Chorus of Old Men
Chorus of Women

                A man! a man! I see him approaching all afire with
          the flames of love. Oh! divine Queen of Cyprus, Paphos
          and Cythera, I pray you still be propitious to our

                Where is he, this unknown foe?

                Over there-beside the Temple of Demeter.

                Yes, indeed, I see him; but who is he?

                Look, look! do any of you recognize him?

            MYRRHINE (joyfully)
                I do, I do! it's my husband Cinesias.

                To work then! Be it your task to inflame and
          torture and torment him. Seductions, caresses,
          provocations, refusals, try every means! Grant every
          favour,-always excepting what is forbidden by our oath
          on the wine-bowl.

                Have no fear, I'll do it.

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