Re: playing catch-up

From: James Rogers (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 23:56:24 MST

On 12/27/01 10:21 PM, "Neil Blanch" <> wrote:
> I find it really strange that some extropians (& other transhumanist &
> futurist movements) are so frightened of core socialist ideals (like sharing
> & joint public ownership of assets)

I don't think anybody objects to core socialist ideals at all. What they
object to is being forced to adhere to any ideal by threats of violence or
prison. Voluntary socialism is fine, but it is universally practiced with
threats of violence and that is what many extropians object to. In fact,
many extropians espouse a world where voluntary socialism can exist.

To frame it another way, how would you feel if a religious extremist forced
you to practice their religion day and night at gun point? I don't see
anything extropian about that situation, but it is analogous.


-James Rogers

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