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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 15:21:15 MST

On Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 04:33:33PM -0500, Smigrodzki, Rafal wrote:
> The majority of Americans (according to some recent polls) prefer knowledge
> over trust, by supporting the use of electronic surveillance technology on
> public roads. The transparent society, and the well-founded trust possible
> in it, will soon be coming to the parking lot near you.

Trust is possible in a transparent society, but a transparent society
doesn't necessarily lead to trust.

The problem with current steps towards transparency is that they are not
linked to steps towards openness. Having a camera monitoring you might make
you feel safer if you trust the owner of the camera and his use of the
information - but on what is that trust based? Also, cameras does not help
build trust between people, which is really the important part of trust in a
society. As Brin points out, we need accountability and other ways of making
sure we can trust the authorities for a transparent society to be anything
but a dystopia.

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