Re: el duende

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 17:50:23 MST

Worst of all: the duende that paralyzes.

I think it was such that brought forth such:

"The blackest day is not when you sell your soul to the Devil.
 The blackest day is when you go to sell your soul, and you find out
 _nobody's buying_."

Was that Harlan Ellison?

scerir wrote:
> > Mitch
> > It is the rush of Nor-adrenalin,
> > on its way to the oceans of the mind,
> > to spawn, perhaps?
> Nor-adrenalin? A good candidate.
> But, having seen many rimes, 25 years ago,
> Merce Esmeralda dancing her 'duende' at Los
> Gallos (a very small tablao de flamenco,
> in Sevilla, plaza Santa Cruz) I would not
> say that nor-adrenalin is enough.
> Maybe I was too young, at that time. And
> always in the very first row, dreaming ...
> Regards,
> -s.


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