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Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 16:02:54 MST

In a message dated 12/26/01 2:38:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes: They have not found the formula for success,
during the last decade the Japanese have been really lousy businessmen, they
tried to protect every industry regardless of how much money it lost and they
tried to run everything centrally. In fact their accounting practices are so
crummy in their largest corporations they don't know what parts of the
company make money and what divisions don't

       Yes, they kind of remind me of the old practices referred to in
Economics as "beggar my neighbor." Just because they aren't very good at
being successful for themselves doesn't mean that we have to stand still and
let them beggar us also.
       Despite the way things might sound here I am all for free trade. But,
allowing everyone on the globe to trade freely in our country while being
barred out of their countries is not free trade.
       Nor do I want to create an impression that I think our politicians are
very good at encouraging trade either inside or outside the country. I get
the impression that American business when it succeeds succeed despite our
       BTW, as one fellow had the impression that Japanese cars were superior
to ours, My personal impression is that their superiority exists mostly in
the minds of their marketing departments and a few Americans that they have
managed to impress.
Ron h

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