Re: Opening chapters of Damien's new novel now online

From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 11:44:36 MST

Spike Jones wrote (26.12.2001/09:35) :
> Barbara Lamar wrote:
> > BTW, Spike, I really enjoyed your latest tales of newtonmas. I'm not sure
> > what myrrh was in the days before the birth of the Christ Bros, but there is
> > an interesting story related to the brothers' myrrhthful games...
> >
> > It is a little-known fact that the word "demur" meaning to object has its
> > roots in this boyish banter. Barbara
> Speaking of myrrhthful games and boyish banter, I am amazed the shop
> full of myhhr-sayers riff has not ignited unlimited pun-warfare. We
> have been so somber lately, and I would have suspected the
> list members would need an antidote from the war and the
> religious forcefeeding we must endure this time of year.
> All wars should be pun wars.

They would be civil wars only, or at least limited to the anglo-saxon
sub-civilization. Remember that many people here only pretend to speak
their own language...

Some aliens (only unadvanced ones admittedly) likewise may have
trouble to get that particular sort of humour.

Other forms of humour are more extropic and we (we the aliens) have
the pleasure to get them too :-)

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