Re: el duende

Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 10:15:00 MST

Professor focuses!

<<El duende. Does it exist? Perhaps. And 'where' is it?
Is it an attractor? Is it a useful hypothesis?
Something to do with non-computability (1) of
Kolmogorov complexity (2)? Was Nietzsche in search
of duende?>>

It is the rush of Nor-adrenalin, on its way to the oceans of the mind, to
spawn, perhaps?


Perhaps its spawns in Jurgen Schmidhuber's dreams, that the universe is a
single dream, a subroutine, on its way to David Deutch's equations? From
Swiitzerland to Oxford, in the wink of a lidded-eye. But hardly, ever on this

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