RE: after all that bullshit about ad hominems, here we go again? (was Re: so...

From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 14:56:51 MST

Spudboy wrote:

> Hey! I wasn't kidding when I said males suffered more from
> night-blindness.
> That is clearly, female superiority.

The night-blindness comment was not one of the ones I found offensive, and I
doubt if other women would--except possibly for the context in which it
appeared--that is to say, along with statements that women drive 25 mph in
the fast lane while applying their makeup and deliberately run into
telephone poles. NOTE: I don't remember who made which statements. Not
holding anything against anyone. Just thought you guys might find a woman's
perspective useful and might keep it in mind when you're in social
situations involving women. I'm not suggesting being phony, just that you
consider what you're saying and speak of women (and all people, for that
matter) respectfully as individuals.


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