Re: Landmines (was Re: US/Foreign AID)

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 11:39:39 MST

> > As the closest thing to an expert on landmine warfare on this list (in all
> > likelihood at least), the above paragraph is so full of invalid assumptions
> > that it can effectively be discarded. Very few people who have opinions on
> > this topic know anything about the doctrine, technology, and deployment of
> > landmines in warfare. To try to paint the US as a bad guy on the topic of
> > landmines suggests great ignorance of some fundamental history and facts on
> > this subject.
> Nor do I care to. Blowing body parts off of civilians for
> decades after original deployment can not be excused by any
> amount of "expertise".
> ...
> How so when the go bang for many many years afterwards and
> against people who you then have nearly offensive of defensive
> grievances with?

Samantha, you do yourself no service by totally ignoring the facts
presented by well-informed individuals to continue your emotional
screeds. Even those of us who have sympathy for your points of view
find it harder to take you seriously when you evince such a lack of
basic personal and intellectual integrity. There are a lot of
warmongers in the world, and it is good to have an opposing voice,
but if that opposing voice willingly sacrifices its own credibility
it has done more harm for its cause than good.

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