Artificial General Intelligence Workshops

From: Peter Voss (
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 18:55:55 MST

Friends/ Futurists/ Thinkers,

As part of the incubation of my new AI company ( 'Adaptive Artificial
Intelligence Inc'
<> ), I will be holding several
one-day introductory workshops: San Diego (29th December), Los Angeles (5th
January), Bay Area (19th January).

These workshops will introduce both my company's AGI model (artificial
general intelligence), and its business plans. Sessions will be both
informative, and interactive - questions, comments & suggestions will be

Participation requests are invited from potential partners, employees, and
investors - as well as other bright people with a passion for exploring the
path to truly intelligent systems.

Interested parties should contact me at -

Peter Voss - Any and all feedback welcome:

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