Re: One humanity, all in the same boat

Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 22:31:01 MST

I am an American, not an Earthian. I will embrace my fellow specie as one,
when I have reason to believe that they will do the same. For example, there
is nobody on or off this list that could've disuaded Islamic Fundamentalists
(Wahabbis) from propagandizing their fellow Muslims, not to massacre
Americans. To believe otherwise is to embrace a kind of narcissism.

Economics is practiced by some nations as warfare. Cooperation is much better
for the long-term, but this is not axiomatic that such nationialistic
attempts will always faily in the short term. A prime example is OPEC, which
is largely prommulgated by Wahabbi political goals as well as economic. There
have been the Japanese economy of the 1980's which prided itself on unfair
labor practices. The chickens came home to roost in their case, but we shan't
always be so lucky.

I am not an Earthian, and though I prefer cooperation, I realize that all may
never feel this way. I am opposed to giving away the store, without anything
in return, because I believe mutuality and reciprocation are what guarnatees
cooperation, not noble words.

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