Re: A Disgusting Event

From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 20:43:10 MST

Phil Osborn <> Wrote:

>Just got back from driving uselessly to one of the local Edwards
>Theatres, intending to watch "Vanilla Sky." [...] Edwards now has
>handwritten signs posted in apparently all of its theatres warning
>prospective patrons that backpacks and packages are not
>allowed in the theatre. [...] Meanwhile, this means that I will be
>boycotting Edwards

I don't see anything disgusting in this event, it's just a trade off between
security and convince. Most patrons don't have a strong desire to bring
un-searched packages into movie theatres so few are much inconvenienced,
on the contrary many feel safer. It sounds like a smart move by the theatre
management to me. But feel free to boycott them and take you business to
a movie house that allows packages, the market will decide if it really was
wise or not.

    John K Clark

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