Local Groups Wanted!

From: Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 11:35:54 MST

Excuse me for interrupting the diversion of this thread into a racist
commentary, but what does that have to do with local groups? I'm getting
back to the subject line of this post:

>E. Shaun wrote:
> >Extropy Institute is currently in the process of putting together more
> ExI sponsored local groups. While the bulk of this will commence after
> [Holidays], what we need right now is this:
>-Areas that could use an ExI Local Group
>-People who would be willing to lead such a group
>-Ideas on what you feel such a group should provide
>If you are interested in any aspect of the above, please contact me
>offlist, and I will put you on the ExI-Groups list, which will feature
>focused discussion on both setting up groups and maintaining them as well
>as ExI's role in the above.<

Would someone like to formally organize the LA Extropians group. While it
is still ongoing, we haven't been having our monthly dinners and we have
merged a bit with Alcor and other futuristic events occurring in and around
Los Angeles.

Some years ago, we had monthly dinners at a restaurant around the corner
from were we live in Marina del Rey called Kifune. It was a good meeting
place at that time because it was accessible and I favored Japanese
food. Now, I think that a different location would be better. Something
upbeat. I'd like to start up the monthly dinners in either Marina del Rey
or Santa Monica, and also pick up where we left off with movie-going, book
readings, parties, etc.

Can ExI's web site place more emphasis on local groups - location, contact



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