Re: Local Groups Wanted!

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 22:57:52 MST

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From: "Damien Broderick" <>
> What?! Good heavens, use the principle of the market, my good man! Reduce
> your asking price below that of the Indians. If that forces you into
> penury, well, that's free enterprise, right? Some day, with diligence and
> smile, you might rise to be the company chairman!
Damien, Damien, Damien, how dare you mock in this the most holy season of
the market. You may find it hard to believe that a free market economy just
happens to be the most efficient and the most fair, but this only reveals
your lack of true faith and your panglossian nature. Oh sure, technology may
be able to fix minor problems like death and disease and alter our human
nature, but we know a priori technology could never fix the problems of
nonmarket economies. As penance I politely suggest 7 hail markets.

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