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Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 19:26:48 MST

On Saturday, December 22, 2001 8:28 PM Samantha Atkins wrote:
>>>Then when everyone can have as much as they want of most things
>>>because there no scarcity of most material things, there will be
>>>very little war.
>> Don't forget blood feuds passed down generation to generation. That
>> what is driving most war, correct?
> Some, I don't know if I can say "most". But blood feuds can be
> diffused, although it sometimes takes a lot of work.

The causes of war are more complex than economics and blood feuds. If
it were purely a matter of people who have less fighting, the whole
world to up in arms right now -- unless there were also some
counterveiling factor...

As for blood feuds, they tend to be very localized in time and place. A
blood feud by its very nature can't get too many outsiders involved.
They just won't have the same passion or other incentives. The only way
to mobilize other people is usually through ideology or something else
like territory and treasure.

As for the United States and other nations, the best foreign aid policy
is no foreign aid. Let people trade if they want to, but don't take
money forcibly from anyone here to give to anyone anywhere else -- or
vice versa. (An extra special added bonus of this "no aid" policy no
one can never accuse you of meddling or neocolonialism.:)

Happy Holidays!

Daniel Ust

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