Re: Local Groups Wanted!

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 09:25:32 MST

I have repeatedly volunteered to help with extropian activities, as well
as with ProAct, and provided much advice on organizational and marketing
issues, but absolutely nobody has contacted me about anything since

While I continue to be unemployed (anyone out there have positions
open?) while local employers prefer to outsource the sort of work I do
to Indian job shops, I have free time available to help ExI and ProAct,
though limited funds.

Several years ago, I founded Transhumanists of New Hampshire (TransHNH,
motto: "Live free and never die"), but there are few of us, and we tend
to migrate to Bostropians meetings at Harvard Square when the itch
arises for socialization. Any other Granite Staters on the list who are
interested, please email or call me at (603)448-3506. If there are
enough of us now, maybe we can organize get togethers somewhere more
centrally located.

If ExI wants to make TransHNH an affiliate, that would be great too. I
am open to providing help with writing, editing, graphic design, and
HTML/JS/perl coding.

Mike Lorrey

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