RE: FW: Fwd: The Geek Syndrome

From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 13:59:26 MST

Eugene L wrote:

> > While INTJs are probably a minority of Extropians in general,
> I wonder, there are just too damn many of them coming crawling out from
> the bushes (yes, me too). Can't be hardly a coinkydink, that.

I'm sure I've taken one of these tests before, but I couldn't remember how
mine came out. I was curious enough about it to run through the test just
now. They say I'm NT but to find out the rest, I have to take the time to
go through the checkout process and pay $14.95.

I already know I'm an I, which means I'm either INTJ or INTP. It's hard for
me to choose between J (preferring to make decisions) and P (preferring to
take in information). While I like to make decisions and feel much more
comfortable after I've decided one way or the other, I like to be well
informed before attempting to make a decision. I prefer to have as much
control of my life as possible but also love to have new experiences and can
cope with uncertainly. So quien sabe? Guess I'll have to pay the $$ if I
really want to know.

Are there any INTP's on the list?


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